I perceive psychotherapy as a partnership on a journey to understanding and active ownership of a person's life story. It is a service that helps people to foster their mental health, relationships and complex reality of their lives. The therapist is there to empower and accompany you on that journey. 


Complex training in integrative Gestalt psychotherapy  - INSTEP (2015 - 2021).
MA in education at Masaryk University

Relevant employment history:

Psychotherapist - since 2017
Co-founder of therapeutic centre Zázemí
Facilitator of Gestalt Theatre personal development groups
Pre-service teacher trainer at Masaryk University

Membership in organizations

I am member of Czech Association for Psychotherapy and I follow its ethical standards 



Setting in psychotherapy allows you to dedicate time to yourself in a safe environment where you are accepted the way you are, where you can express your emotions and thoughts freely without any judgement or labels. The consultation time can be devoted to various issues that concern your life reality such as work with emotions, coping with stress, difficult life situations, decision making, self-esteem, self-confidence, work-life balance, difficult events from the past or anything else that you may consider useful.

Price for 50 minutes consultation: 800 CZK

Counseling for couples

Couple sessions help to restore communication, foster understanding for needs among partners, allow them to address troubles in relationship and look for win-win solutions when possible. Therapists are there to listen to both partners, offer unbiased perspective and help to structure the dialogue when the communication and mutual understanding fails. The couple therapy requires active participation and cooperation of both partners. We provide counseling for couples in gender balanced therapeutical pair together with my colleague Veronika Nýdrlová. 

Price for 50 minutes consultation:  900 CZK / 1 therapist | 1600 CZK / 2 therapist (woman and man)

Due to the situation around Covid-19, I provide psychotherapy and counseling also via video calls as an alternative to face-to-face meetings especially in case you are not feeling safe or comfortable about meeting people in person.

Where I work:

I am based at therapeutical centre Zázemí close to the centre of Brno.

Contact details: you can contact me by filling in the form on the bottom of this page, via email or sms.

Zázemí - terapeutické centrum, z. s.
Václavská 12a, Brno
Go through the blue door at Václavská 12 to the courtyard.


+420 737 639 615

IČO: 08120358

Get in touch:

If you are hesitant I gladly offer you a 30 minutes long consultation for free to clarify your questions and needs. We can discuss our potential cooperation or help you find more suitable options of professional help.